The Nest

The Bluebird Real Estate office is an incredibly unique and discussion-worthy creation. For years, we have been wanting a public space in order to have a presence in the community that we love, to assure you that we are here for the long-term and to continue to play a constant role in the lives of our clients and friends who aren’t actively in the midst of buying or selling real estate. Since most of us work primarily from home, we had to get creative to figure out how to make good use of a public space, but I think we’ve done an excellent job! Our location is on a primo walking/biking corridor in the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood close to all of the Clinton and Division shops and restaurants. In the front of our space is a beautiful gift shop called Lucky Number 3, which sells vintage items, housewares and jewelry made by local designers. Therefore, if we don’t happen to be in at the moment, you can still very likely come in and visit our space and do a little shopping for loved ones.

We love to meet new clients in our office and, more importantly, have lots of fun events there! Not only do we use it for our own personal creative gatherings, such as game nights, movie nights, book clubs and birthday parties, but we also offer it to our friends, clients and community for their benefit. These events range from craft shows to baby showers to support groups to workshops to live music performances.

Therefore, we encourage you to come in and visit our lovely, comfortable space and think about how you might want to use it for your next gathering or club you’ve been meaning to organize! This is just one more way that we at Bluebird Real Estate hope to bring benefit to your life and to get know you even more.